Alternative Certificate for entry into Group 1 Higher-Specialty Physician Training

Recruitment to ‘Group 1’ higher medical specialties from 2022 will require completion of Internal Medicine training stage 1 (IMS1) capabilities. While the preferred entry pathway is completion of Internal Medicine training stage 1 (IMS1), or a standalone Internal Medicine Year 3 (IMY3) post in the case of previous CMT or ACCS – acute medicine trainees, changes to the rules regarding progression to CCT mean that trainees may now enter higher specialty training by using an Alternative Certificate and be awarded a CCT on successful completion of their higher-specialty training programme.

The Joint Royal College of Physicians Training Board is working with Physician Specialty Recruitment Office to develop an Alternative Certificate to allow entry into Group 1 higher-specialty training.

The certificate aims to ensure that trainees applying using this method will have equivalent capabilities to those completing the IMS1 programme and, thus, is likely to include the following requirements:

  • Assurance of Critical Care abilities exhibited by significant experience of patients within a critical care environment
  • Completion of Geriatric Care learning objectives
  • Required levels in the generic and clinical Capabilities in Practice (CiP) with particular consideration to clinical CiP1 (Managing an acute unselected take).

The certificate will be published to the Physician ST3 Recruitment website when available. It is recommended that trainees considering the alternative route, view the curriculum, decision aid and rough guide on the JRCPTB website.