IMT 2021 Round 1 scoring and appointability criteria confirmed

Later today, results from the contingency arrangements for the IMT recruitment process will be released to candidates.

The contingency arrangements guidance, published in the Document Library of the website, detailed the provisional plan for how applications would be scored and appointability determined. It was noted in the guidance that this would be subject to review upon completion of assessments, to check that scoring is in line with expectations.

The Physician Specialty Recruitment Office have worked with an experienced recruitment data analyst to review results. Once assessments were completed, the data was reviewed with representatives from the IMT Specialty Advisory Committee, the JRCPTB and trainee representatives from the physicians' colleges. At this meeting it was unanimously agreed that the provisional plan could be confirmed as originally published. The data showed that, across all candidates, outcomes were similar to that which have been seen in recent years of the interview process and gave confidence that the contingency arrangements were a fair way alternative in the absence of an interview.

Candidates will be emailed via Oriel when scores can be confirmed and have been released to Oriel. A separate email will be sent with the score sheets completed by assessors. The emails received will give guidance about the next steps and any action required.

We thank all candidates for their patience during the time it has taken to enact the contingency arrangements.