IMT 2021 Round 1 - update on contingency arrangements

The guidance document on the contingency arrangements for IMT recruitment has been updated. You can download version 2.0 from the Document Library on the website.

The updated document includes an updated timetable for the round, the scoring matrix for the application review part of your assessment, how overall scores and appointability will be calculated and the process for what will happen once assessment has been completed.

Evidence uploading deadline

The deadline to upload evidence to support the claims made in the self-assessment section of the application form is Monday 25 January 2021 by 12pm (midday).

Applicants are required to download the ‘Employment’, ‘Evidence’ and ‘Supporting’ sections of their application form from Oriel and upload to the self-assessment portal alongside evidence documents. Guidance on how to do so can be found in the Self-Assessment Evidence Portal Applicant Guide, located on the Specialty Training website

Frequently asked questions

We have collated some frequently asked questions about uploading documents.

Uploading documents for non-scored achievements

Only documents that support point-scoring selections in self-assessment are required. You should not upload additional documentation and this could be viewed negatively by not following instructions and making your assessment more difficult. This includes any mandatory eligibility documents (e.g. passport, MBBS certificate, foundation competence etc.), training courses not related to a score domain, evidence of your commitment to medical specialties.

Achievements gained after submission of your application

It is not permissible to claim for achievements completed after you submitted your application. Therefore, you should not upload any documents relating to these in an attempt to gain more points. In general your documents should support the score and statement you made on the application form. In cases where you omitted an achievement that was gained before this time, it is permissible to load evidence of this and you are advised to upload a separate document tagged to that domain which explains the situation.

Under/over-scored achievements

If you are aware that you have under or over-scored on one or more domains, we recommend that you upload a note (this should be a PDF) or similar to the evidence verification portal declaring that you have made an error and detail the section(s) where you have over/under-scored along with the number of points you scored yourself and the number of points you should have scored yourself.

Where you have underscored yourself, you are required to upload evidence to support the points you are claiming. You should upload a document/note which explains the issue and ensure you tag it to the same domain that is affected and make it clear to the assessor.

Changes to employment

Employment history cannot be updated on Oriel, however, you are free to upload a note on the Self-assessment Portal under the ‘Application Form’ domain. We advise you give this document a clear name to note what it is, i.e. changes to employment since application submission

Should you have any issues, please contact the Physician Specialty Recruitment Office well ahead of the deadline.