IMY3 recruitment information updated for 2022 and notification of changes to the timetable


The area of the website for recruitment to stand-alone IMY3 programmes has been updated for the 2022 process. Whilst much of the process is the same as the 2021 process, there have been... more

IMT 2021 Round 2 recruitment update


We can now confirm that there will be no recruitment for IMT 2021 round 2. The next opportunity to apply for IMT will be for 2022 recruitment later this year. Please keep an eye... more

IMT 2021 Round 1 scoring and appointability criteria confirmed


Later today, results from the contingency arrangements for the IMT recruitment process will be released to candidates. The contingency arrangements guidance, published in the Document... more

IMT 2021 Round 1 - update on contingency arrangements


The guidance document on the contingency arrangements for IMT recruitment has been updated. You can download version 2.0 from the Document Library on the website. The updated document... more

IMT 2021 Round 1 - interviews cancelled, contingency arrangements commencing


Further to the recent announcement by the four UK Statutory Education Bodies with important news about the IMT recruitment process for 2021. Interviews for round 1 of 2021 IMT... more

Update to 2021 R1 timeline and additional interview dates added


Due to a higher volume of applications for round 1 this year, we have decided to increase interview capacity, and worked with regions so that we may interview more applicants. As a result,... more

IMT 2021 Round 1 application closed


IMT 2021 Round 1 application closed As of 4pm, Tuesday 1 December 2020, applications for IMT round 1 2021 have now closed. Please be aware applications cannot be amended once... more

IMT Recruitment website updated for 2021


The IMT recruitment website has just had an update of information to be relevant to 2021 recruitment. Additionally, we have published the Applicants’ Guide for round 1, which can... more

IMT 2021 timeline updated and summary information about the process


The full timeline for IMT round 1 in 2021 has been updated. This includes the range in which interviews will be held and when you can expect to hear about major stages of the process such as... more

Alternative Certificate for entry into Group 1 Higher-Specialty Physician Training


Recruitment to ‘Group 1’ higher medical specialties from 2022 will require completion of Internal Medicine training stage 1 (IMS1) capabilities. While the preferred entry pathway... more