Interviews for round 1 of IMT recruitment in 2021 have been cancelled and it is now a requirement for evidence documents to be uploaded by 12pm (midday) on Monday 25 January 2021. A guidance document has been published to the Documents Library of the website which gives the most up to date information on what is required so please refer to this when uploading your documents.

Evidence documents

This page gives an overview of what is required in terms of documentation for the achievements claimed in the self-assessment section of your application form.

The intention is that candidates will not be asked to supply documentation to justify their application scoring other than in the following circumstances:

  • You are selected as part of a randomised audit to check applications have been scored fairly.
  • Interviews cannot be completed for all candidates and the IMT contingency plan needs to be implemented.

In both cases you will be given at least one week to load your supporting evidence for the self-assessment achievements claimed on the application form. Please note that it is planned to allow documents to be loaded from a much earlier stage for anyone that is concerned they will not have sufficient time at a later stage, should documents be requested. There will be no requirement to upload documentation prior to a request being sent, it is just an option for those who wish to do so in advance.

All candidates are advised that they must have documentary evidence available from the time of application for all achievements for which they score themselves. It is advised to ensure you have access to all your documents when you apply to avoid complications later in the process. 

Evidence requirements and tips

Interviewers will need to verify your evidence in a short time so please keep the below in mind when organising the evidence you will upload, as poorly organised/presented documents may mean achievements cannot be verified.

  • Only evidence supporting each of the claimed achievements should be uploaded. There is no requirement to upload any additional documents or achievements if they are not directly related to the scoring domain where points are being claimed. 
  • Only sufficient evidence should be provided to justify the scores awarded; the application scoring area of the website gives examples of documents that could be used for each domain. Only include enough evidence to demonstrate achievements which justify your selection. For example:
    • If you have completed a national presentation, you should not include evidence for other presentations.
    • If you have written a book, you do not need to upload the whole book, just sufficient pages so interviewers can verify your achievement.
  • Evidence of training courses or areas noted in your commitment to specialty section should not be included unless they specifically relate to a scored option.
  • Applicants must ensure patient-identifiable data is redacted as this may result in their employing trust being notified.
  • Any documentation not in English must be translated for credit to be received.
  • File types – only files in PDF, JPEG or PNG format are likely to be accepted by the upload system.
  • There may be a limit on the number of documents you can upload for each domain so you may need to amalgamate evidence for a domain into one or two files; this will be confirmed if you are required to upload evidence.
  • When evidence is loaded, it needs to be tagged to the domain(s) to which it pertains. For example, if you have a presentation for which you have been awarded a prize, you can upload the presentation evidence once and tag it under both domains.

Guidance will be issued with any request for evidence documentation to be uploaded.